Kat Family Records/Epic RecordsThe death of screen legend Lauren Bacall earlier this month had an unintended consequence on the charts: the 1982 hit “Key Largo” by Bertie Higgins, which mentions her, experienced a massive sales increase.

According to Billboard, “Key Largo,” whose chorus features the lyrics, “We had it all/Just like Bogie and Bacall,” saw its download sales increase by 625% following Bacall’s death on August 12. In the week after her death, the song sold 3,000 downloads; the week before, it had barely sold any.

Similarly, Madonna’s “Vogue,” which also mentions Bacall, saw a 28% sales increase. That was likely due to the reporting of the factoid stating that with Bacall’s death, all the screen icons who are mentioned in the song are now dead. No doubt fans wanted to refresh their memories as to who, exactly, was on that list.

Meanwhile, the death of Robin Williams, who died the day before Bacall, propelled two of his comedy albums back onto the Billboard album chart. In addition, the song “Friend Like Me,” which he performed in the animated film Aladdin, experienced a sales increase of 1,169 percent, while the movie’s soundtrack posted a 666% sales increase.

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