PRNewsFoto/Columbia RecordsOne of the many male superstars Barbra Streisand sings with on her upcoming album Partners is Billy Joel. The two duet on his classic “New York State of Mind,” and when it’s over, they bond over some typical New York delicacies: pizza and Chinese food.

In a new behind-the-scenes video that Streisand’s posted to her YouTube channel, both singers recall that she previously recorded a solo version of “New York State of Mind” for her album Superman. That record came out several months before Joel’s breakthrough album The Stranger, and he says in the video that Barbra’s cover version really gave him a boost in the eyes of his record company.

“That album happened to be a very, very big-selling, successful album,” says Billy. “She really put me on the map as a songwriter, and I was always very appreciative of that fact, ’cause that’s what I really consider myself before anything else, is a songwriter.”

In the video, we see the two trading verses on Joel’s song, and then, at the end, still on mic, Streisand says, “Billy! Let’s go get some pizza!” The Piano Man replies, “How about some Chinese?” To which Barbra, in her best Noo Yawk accent, replies, “Ah! Even better!”

Partners, featuring Streisand singing with Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie, Michael Buble, Babyface, John Legend, Josh Groban and even Elvis Presley, is out on September 16.

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