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Chart-topping singer/songwriter Christopher Cross returned today with a new album called Secret Ladder. And if he’s not showered with Grammy nominations as a result, he says he won’t be too worried — he’s already been there, done that.

“My early success, with all that stuff that happened, sort of did give me this sort of resignation with the fact that I don’t stress about winning a Grammy, or something like that,” the “Ride Like the Wind” hitmaker tells ABC News Radio. “‘Cause a lot of artists I know, they really hope to still one day to be acknowledged by that group of people, and that award, and for me I’ve got ’em.”

Indeed, Cross remains the only artist ever to win all four of the major Grammy Awards — Album, Song and Record of the Year, plus Best New Artist — in a single night. That happened back in 1981.

“It’s kind of cool because I don’t have to, y’know, stress about it anymore,” he maintains. “I make the music, and…I’ve been blessed to be validated by my peers. So, I just do what I do.” He adds, “I’ve always said that I make the music for myself. If the fans like it, I’m certainly pleased and I hope they do, but I make records for me.”

Secret Ladder is officially released today, but on Thursday, September 11, one song was made available for download early: “We Will Remember You,” a tribute to our troops. Proceeds will be donated to charitable organizations that benefit military personnel and their families. Cross was inspired to write the song because both his parents were in the military: His dad was an army doctor, and his mom was an army nurse. In addition, his nephew is on his fourth tour in Afghanistan with special forces. But Cross says the song is strictly non-partisan.

“This has nothing to do with partisan politics or your feelings about the conflicts we get into. It’s about service which is honorable across the board, and my feeling is that the people that died in the Towers are every bit as fallen a hero as anybody in service we have,” he tells ABC News Radio. “So that’s one of the reasons I released it on 9/11.”

As for the rest of the songs on Secret Ladder, you’ll definitely find the ballads and songs of romance that Cross is known for, as well as a guest appearance by his old pal Michael McDonald, who appeared on his classic “Ride Like the Wind.” But there are also plenty of songs where the “Sailing” singer expresses his displeasure and disappointment with society today.

“Well, you know, I’m 63 now and…I have three children,” he explains to ABC News Radio. “So when you’re a parent, you get more concerned about things that are happening, and certainly I’m not too pleased with the world the children are going into, and I have my responsibility, like any other citizen.

“This album is — somebody said I’m grumpy, you know — but there’s a certain amount of complaining about the state of things,” he admits. “Not just politically, but socially, and I think we’re certainly at a low point.”

However, that doesn’t mean Secret Ladder is a downer of a record.

“We’re not beyond hope,” he adds. “There’s certainly moments of the record — there’s a song called ‘Island of Anger’ and it says in there: ‘The things that don’t make me angry make me sad.’ So it’s not all based in anger and frustration, and I’m also hopeful, but, y’know, it’s a complex time.”

Cross will perform at New York’s City Winery tonight to celebrate the album’s release, and has dates booked though the end of the year in North America and the Philippines.

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