Eagle Rock Film Productions/ SHOWTIME 2014The new Genesis documentary Genesis: Together and Apart, which debuted over the weekend on BBC television in the U.K., features new interviews with all five members of the band’s classic early-to-mid-’70s lineup. While the film seeks to give an overview of the lauded musicians’ careers both in and out of their famous group, one band member — guitarist Steve Hackett — wasn’t happy with the amount of coverage his own work was given in the flick.

In a message posted this week on his official Facebook page, Hackett writes of the documentary, “It’s certainly a biased account of Genesis history and totally ignores my solo work. It does not deliver the theme of ‘Together and Apart.’ In interview I spoke at length as much about my solo career as my time in Genesis, but was not given any editorial involvement.”

The guitar virtuoso’s complaints about the film didn’t extend to the companion compilation, R-Kive, which was released in conjunction with the project.

“[T]he R-KIVE box set represents us all equally,” Hackett maintains, “[while] the documentary does the opposite.”

He adds, “I know the documentary will soon be on sale via various outlets, but I won’t be selling this via my own website.”

In the Facebook note, Hackett also reveals that he’s finished recording a new solo album that’s due out in early 2015. In addition, he’ll be launching a new North American leg of his Genesis Extended Tour next month. The trek is mapped out from a November 13 concert in Ridgefield, Connecticut, through a December 11 performance in Vancouver, Canada.

The Genesis documentary, airing under the alternate title of Genesis: Sum of the Parts, will get its U.S. television premiere on Showtime this Friday at 8 p.m. ET. A DVD release will follow on November 18.

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