Rick Diamond/Getty Images for The WhoThe Who recently recorded its first new song in eight years, “Be Lucky,” which will be released as part of the new compilation The Who Hits 50! that’s due out October 27, but frontman Roger Daltrey says fans can expect a lot more original music from the band.

Speaking this week at U.K. newspaper The Mirror‘s Pride of Britain Awards in London, Daltrey revealed that he and guitarist Pete Townshend have been spending time in the studio and “are going to do a whole album.” He added, “It’s exciting.”

Back in their younger days, The Who’s members were known for consuming all kinds of illicit substances, but Roger joked at the awards event that now that he and Townshend have reached their golden years, the kind of drugs they take have changed a bit.

Regarding the new recording sessions, the singer said, “It’s not as rock and roll, it could never be as rock and roll because we are older…There’s drugs but they are just different. It’s now all [diarrhea medication] Imodium and those types.”

On a more serious note, Daltrey talked about the cancer scare he had a few years back, and about the current status of his voice.

“I’m very lucky my voice has stayed like this,” he said. “I have a pre-cancerous condition that I have to keep an eye on. I have to go for regular check-ups.”

The Who’s 50th anniversary tour will launch with a November 23 concert in Abu Dhabi, and the band then will begin a series of European dates on November 26 in Dublin, Ireland.

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