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10/10/2014 Bark River-Harris High School, Bark River, MI –

The first quarter in the high school football game between the Munising Mustangs and the Bark River-Harris Broncos started off with the Munising Mustangs kicking off to the Bark River-Harris Broncos. The weather was cold and sprinkles were in the area when the game started, so it was bound to be a tough game, each team with a record of 5-1 coming into tonight. The first drive for the Bark River-Harris Broncos resulted in a short punt to the Munising Mustangs, giving them great field position. Austin Kelto was able to score the first touchdown for the Munising Mustangs on a great run. Andy Cooper was able to catch a fantastic pass to score the Munising Mustangs second touchdown, just before the first quarter ended.

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First Quarter Score:
Munising Mustangs: 14
Bark River-Harris Broncos: 0

Second quarter action resumed with the Bark River-Harris in control of the ball, but they were forced to punt after the Munising Mustangs defense held strong. Both teams traded the ball back and forth early in the quarter, but the Munising Mustangs always looked toward the endzone. A pass that seemed to be intercepted by the Munising Mustangs was ruled no good because the Munising defender intercepted the ball out of bounds. Andy Cooper caught a long pass to score the Munising Mustangs third touchdown of the game, making the score the Munising Mustangs 21 and the Bark River-Harris Broncos 0 with four minutes left in the first half. With just over one minute left in the first half, Alex Hill caught another long pass for the Munising Mustangs fourth touchdown of the game. On another great pass and with just seconds left in the half, Alex Hill caught the Munising Mustangs fifth touchdown of the game, making the score Munising 35 and Bark River-Harris 0 at the end of the half.

The Mustangs

Second Quarter Score:
Munising Mustangs: 35
Bark River-Harris Broncos: 0

The second half resumed when the Bark River-Harris Broncos kicked off to the Munising Mustangs. Both teams fought hard against each other as the cold night crept onto the field, but the Munising Mustangs, looking to next week’s game, tried hard to hold their advantage. Garrett Blank was integral to the Munising Mustangs success, with several huge defensive plays in the third quarter. With six minutes left in the quarter, the Bark River-Harris Broncos successfully completed a fake punt, gaining nine yards for the first down. Despite their fake punt, the Bark River-Harris running back fumbled the ball on a later play, and the Munising Mustangs recovered with just a few seconds left in the quarter.



Third Quarter Score:
Munising Mustangs: 35
Bark River-Harris Broncos: 0

The last quarter of the game began with the Munising Mustangs putting in their Junior level players, giving them vital varsity experience for their future high school football careers. Despite the inexperienced players, the Munising Mustangs were able to add another touchdown to their score, making the totals the Munising Mustangs 42 and the Bark River-Harris 0, with just minutes left in the game. Neither team was able to put any further points onto the scoreboard.

Final Game Score:
Munising Mustangs: 42
Bark River-Harris: 0

Listen – Full Game – Munising Mustangs Defeat the Bark River-Harris 42-0 on Friday October 10th, 2014 on 1400 GTO Good Time Oldies.mp3

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