Photo: Frank OckenfelsFor every rock star who’s managed to have success on Broadway, there’s another whose attempt at a stage musical is a dismal failure. Right now, Sting‘s newly opened musical, The Last Ship, could go either way, according to a new report.

The New York Post says that while The Last Ship, with songs written by the former Police frontman, has garnered decent reviews and will probably earn him a Tony nomination, the show is floundering financially. According to the Post, the day after the show opened and the reviews came out, The Last Ship took in less than $100,000. The Post says the minimum for a new musical’s opening day should be $250,000 to $300,000.

What’s more, the Post reports, the show grossed just a bit more than $500,000 a week while it was in previews, which wasn’t enough to cover the weekly overhead.

Sources tell the paper that Sting was “perplexed” by the soft ticket sales and asked his rock star friends what the problem was. The answer he got, claims the paper, was that people will buy tickets to see a star perform, but not just because that star wrote a particular show. The Post suggests that the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer should take a part in the musical himself to goose ticket sales.

The paper does acknowledge that Sting is doing all the right things to promote the show, and has generated “plenty of goodwill” with the Broadway community. An expensive TV campaign is planned for the next few weeks, and no decisions will be made about the show’s future until that’s had time to affect the box office.

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