Hear Music/Universal MusicAn official video for Paul McCartney‘s new single, “Hope for the Future,” got its exclusive premiere at Wired.com on Monday to coincide with the track’s release as a digital download. The former Beatles star wrote the song specifically for the popular new video game Destiny, and the clip depicts a holographic Sir Paul paying a visit to the post-apocalyptic version of the Earth featured in the game.

The video, which also can be viewed on the rock legend’s VEVO YouTube channel, shows a flying robotic device that projects McCartney’s image onto the lip of a giant crater, where he sings the uplifting anthem as a number of futuristic animated characters look on. The clip also features a variety of scenes of the planet’s desolate landscape, as well as segments that show various aircraft flying around and above the planet.

You can check out a photo of McCartney getting filmed in front of a green screen for the video at Wired.com.

Destiny is set in the 28th century, a time when the Earth has been almost completely destroyed by aliens. The players’ quest is to defend what’s left of humankind from the aggressive space invaders.

As previously reported, the “Hope for the Future” digital single includes the version of the track heard in the game, along with four special mixes of the tune.

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