Eagle Rock EntertainmentThe Doors dipped back into their archives recently to put together a new home video titled Feast of Friends. The release, which is available now on DVD and Blu-ray, contains footage from the never-completed movie of the same name focusing on and filmed by the band during 1968, as well as the 1968 British television special The Doors Are Open. The group’s surviving members say that one of the things they like best about the film is that it gives fans a chance to get to see the real Jim Morrison.

“I like that you can see Jim’s humor,” Doors drummer John Densmore tells ABC News Radio, “and he’s sort of happy and not always the tortured artist.”

Doors guitarist Robby Krieger agrees. “You really see Jim more or less as a normal person, instead of, like, the Oliver Stone version of, you know, the crazy guy being messed up at all hours of every day,” he says. “You see that he’s really a bright young guy.”

Feast of Friends was intended to be a cinéma vérité-style film capturing the group on stage and behind the scenes during its ’68 North American tour.

“The idea was to make an actual film for the theaters, but we never quite finished it,” Krieger says. “We only had about 45 minutes worth [of footage] and then we kind of got bored with it.”

Robby adds that some of the footage wound up in various Doors videos over the years, but many fans were interested in seeing the whole thing, so “we got a hold of all of the outtakes and put them all together along with The Doors Are Open.”

For the new video, the main Feast of Friends footage was assembled into a cohesive film, while the outtakes were gathered in a bonus feature dubbed Feast of Friends: Encore. All of the footage, including The Doors Are Open, has been restored with regard to image quality and audio.

One Feast of Friends highlight for Densmore is a clip of the band members and some of their friends on a sailboat off the coast of Honolulu.

“I [like that] sequence because, you know, Ray [Manzarek] and Jim are not with us [anymore]. They’re over there. They broke on through to the other side,” explains John. “And so it’s touching and a little sad for me to see that. And grief is a good thing. So, I’m pleased to watch that.”

In addition, both Krieger and Densmore agree that The Doors Are Open, which includes scenes from a concert the band played at London’s Roundhouse venue, offers the best live Doors footage ever filmed.

The Feast of Friends video also includes a bonus clip from a 1967 appearance The Doors made on a Toronto television show that Densmore says he enjoys watching.

“We’re on this pop show doing ‘The End,’ which is a dark song,” he points out. “And it’s kind of an amusing document. Interesting. I like it. We’re all young and scaring the crap out of all the disco dancers.”

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