Fleetwood Mac/Live NationStevie Nicks isn’t the only photographer in Fleetwood Mac.

This fall Nicks has been showing exhibits of photographic self-portraits, and now band co-founder Mick Fleetwood also is showcasing his photography in an exhibit — Reflections: An Exhibition of Original Photographs by Mick Fleetwood — while the group is on tour.

Fleetwood is scheduled to appear alongside his photos at Fort Lauderdale’s Wentworth Gallery on December 18, the night before Fleetwood Mac’s concert at the BB&T Center in Sunrise.

His passion for photography, he said, comes from his childhood. His father was in Britain’s Royal Air Force, and the family lived all over England, the south of France, and the Mediterranean coast.

“My dad was just one of those people who took loads of pictures. It was the curse of the family,” Fleetwood told the Florida Sun Sentinel. “So it was just muscle memory, I think, that it became a natural fit for me. It was just me trying to capture where I was going, and being in a rock ‘n’ roll band, it was almost like getting posted here, there and everywhere, probably even more than my dad ever was in the Forces.”

While on tour, Fleetwood along with bassist John McVie took many pictures of landscapes, dirt roads, hills, mountains — and a “patch of little green magic mushrooms” in a photo he simply titled: “Shrooms.”

But no, it’s not a drug reference, as he said mushrooms is one drug he never used.

“I was sitting in the studio one night recording Rumours when we decided to figure out how much coke I had done over the years. We figured if we laid it out end to end, it would be about 7 miles long,” Fleetwood says with a laugh. “But no, there’s no reference to shrooms in the book.”

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