Little, Brown and CompanyIn his new memoir, Play On: Now, Then, and Fleetwood Mac, Mick Fleetwood shares the story of his eventful life, with a focus on the personal and professional triumphs and trials he experienced as a founding member of his famous band. Not surprisingly, the book offers quite a few intimate details about the drummer, including his roller-coaster first marriage to model Jenny Boyd, his affair with band mate Stevie Nicks and his overindulgence with alcohol and cocaine.

The 67-year-old Rock and Roll Hall of Famer tells ABC News Radio that despite the candid nature of some of the recollections in the tome, he does not consider Play On to be a tell-all book.

“It’s not a tittle-tattle-type book,” he maintains, adding, “I’m very confident that there’s nothing in this document that is a presumption on someone else’s life, that might hurt or betray or not be appropriate.”

He points out that the new memoir offers a more honest and clear-headed look at his life than his 1991 autobiography, Fleetwood, admitting that while writing Play On, “I was taking care of myself, not drinking like a fish like I used to.”

Fleetwood explains that for Play On, “the criteria…was set that this was to be a book about my journey more than anything.”

Mick notes that he was able to add a very happy final chapter to his memoir when Christine McVie decided to end a 15-year retirement and rejoin the band right around the time he was preparing it for publication. He says that Play On‘s release wasn’t purposely timed to coincide with Christine’s return.

“This book was already put back and then we weren’t ready to let go of what we were doing,” explains Fleetwood. “So we came up with a [publication] date and guess what, it all went in the same pot with [what was happening with] Fleetwood Mac…A marketing director is, I’m sure, very happy about that, but it was an accident.”

The band has been touring North America with Christine since the end of September and Mick says fans have been overjoyed to see her performing with the group again.

“Every night it’s just gone to a whole other level, where your ears actually get damaged with the overture from the audience when Chris starts singing that first song,” he tells ABC News Radio. “Outrageous. They’re so happy to see her back.”

Fleetwood says McVie’s return also has had a very positive effect on her band mates.

“It’s outrageously great, balanced, musically really gratifying playing all Christine’s lovely songs again,” he declares. “And it’s been nothing but really healthy for everybody.”

Fleetwood Mac’s 2014 itinerary winds down this Saturday, December 20, with a show in Tampa, Florida. Next year, meanwhile, the group will embark on another North American leg that’s mapped out from a January 16 concert in St. Paul, Minnesota, through an April 11 performance in Las Vegas. That will be followed by a European trek that currently is slated to run from late May until early July.

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