Ross Halfin; Jim SheaOn New Year’s Eve, many music stars will be hitting stages around the world to celebrate with fans, while others are planning more low-key evenings with family and friends. Among the latter are Aerosmith‘s Joe Perry and The Doobie BrothersPatrick Simmons and Tom Johnston.

Perry has been spending the holidays with his wife and kids at his Vermont farm. He tells ABC News Radio that after a busy year touring with Aerosmith and promoting his new memoir and Christmas EP, he just wants to relax for a while.

He says of his plans for this evening, “I’m [going to] see what I got for fireworks, and if I got any, chances are I’ll light a few off… and celebrate the red, white and blue. And, then go back to bed.”

Simmons and Johnston also say they don’t have big plans for New Year’s. Simmons tells ABC News Radio that the group usually refrains from scheduling shows on the holiday, preferring “to chill.” Johnston adds that he and his band mates plans on savoring their downtime since they had “a busy year.” The Doobies played plenty of concerts in 2014, and also released a new studio album, Southbound, that features new versions of the band’s classic songs recorded as duets with a variety major country stars.

In addition, Johnston shares a New Year’s resolution with ABC News Radio. “I was thinking that it’d be a good year to kind of expand the audience,” he points out. “Thus, we’ll have to practice even harder and play a little better.”

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