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The Munising Mustangs play on Good Time Oldies 1400 GTO and GTO.FM with Mike James!

–The Munising Mustangs Girls play on 1400am GTO Good Time Oldies and with Mike James!

01/23/2015 Rapid River High School, Rapid River, MI – On an unseasonably warm and bright winter day, the Munising Mustangs took on the Rapid River Rockets in girls high school varsity basketball. Both teams came into the game with high expectations, but only one team could be victorious. The first quarter opened as Marissa Immel got the tip and drove the ball down court. Thanks to some excellent defense on both sides of the court, scoring stayed to a minimum for the first minutes of the game. However, as the quarter progressed, the Munising Mustangs began to pull away. Kelsea Ackerman contributed to the defense, adding multiple steals from the Rapid River Rockets in the first quarter.

First Quarter Score:
Munising Mustangs: 12
Rapid River Rockets: 4


The Munising Mustangs started the second quarter just as the first had ended, with great defensive play. Frankie Mattson contributed to the Mustangs lead by making several great passes, as well as blocking shots. Both teams fought hard to take the lead, but the Mustangs continued their dominance. The Rapid River Rockets had problems rebounding and getting the ball stolen from them in the second quarter, which lead to their deficit. Multiple scrums for loose balls appeared to increase the anxiety of both teams, but despite the intense action, both the Mustangs and the Rockets had few penalties in the first half. The Munising Mustangs employed a full-court press for part of the second quarter, which allowed them to gain an even bigger advantage.

Second Quarter Score:
Munising Mustangs: 31
Rapid River Rockets: 8

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The second half of play saw the Munising Mustangs defending against an aggressive Rapid River Rockets squad. Halftime gave the Rapid River Rockets an opportunity to rest and refocus, which made the Mustangs job more difficult than the first half had been. Despite the tough start to the quarter, the Munising Mustangs had back-to-back steals that led to lay-ups and four quick points midway through the quarter. Bailey Down aided the Munising Mustangs throughout the game, adding several great defensive plays to the Mustangs’ game.

Third Quarter Score:
Munising Mustangs: 48
Rapid River Rockets: 15

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Join Mike James for all your Munising Mustangs action live on AM1400 WQXO.

Darby Coyne opened the last quarter of play by making a great steal on a Rapid River player after the Rockets had won the tip. The Munising Mustangs were able to capitalize on the Rockets’ mistake, by making a short shot after a rebound. Courtney Livermore also aided the Mustangs by moving the ball swiftly and making several great passes. Penalties became a problem for the Munising Mustangs, when they put the Rapid River Rockets into the bonus early in the last quarter of play. Peyton Bonevelle had four points in the fourth quarter for the Mustangs, which also helped aid the Mustangs to victory.

Final Game Score:
Munising Mustangs: 58
Rapid River Rockets:23

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