Mert Alas and Marcus PiggotMadonna is all about free speech and she has some harsh words for critics who object to her use of the b-word in songs from her new album, Rebel Heart.

Speaking to Billboard, she essentially tells the “word police” to back off, but she uses harsher words not suitable to repeat in polite company. “I don’t want to be policed!” she says. “I’m not interested in political correctness.”

In her opinion, the use of the word is all about the context. If you’re using the word to refer to yourself, says Madonna, then that’s an expression of strength and empowerment. If you’re using it to call someone a derogatory name, then that’s a different story, she explains.

“Language, and the use of language, is different than one human physically abusing somebody or bullying somebody, or killing somebody because of the color of their skin or their sexual preference or their religious beliefs,” Madonna adds. “I don’t think the two should get mixed up.”

The singer’s full Q&A with Billboard comes out Friday.

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