Credit: Eleanor StillsDavid Crosby took to Twitter this week to answer a myriad of questions from fans, and during his online Q&A session he gave an update about his reported feud with Neil Young. Last year, Crosby drew Young’s ire after making negative comments in a newspaper interview about Neil’s new girlfriend, actress Daryl Hannah, around the time news emerged about the breakup of Young’s marriage.

Asked via Twitter about the status of his relationship with Young, Crosby said, “He’s pretty mad at me…I apologized…We’ll see.” David also revealed during the course of the Q&A that he loves Pono, the high-quality digital music player Neil helped develop, and continues to be a big fan of Young’s music. However, he also implied that he didn’t think much of Neil’s lo-fi 2014 album, A Letter Home.

Crosby also revealed he hasn’t been getting along with his old friend Joni Mitchell lately, explaining that he hung up on her the last two times they chatted on the phone. When one fan asked, “Why is Joni so crabby?” David responded by saying, “She’s nuts.”

Throughout the Twitter session, Crosby his opinion on a wide variety of topics, and he delivered plenty of candid answers.

Here’s a sampling of some other thoughts the 73-year-old folk-rock great shared:

On Jerry Garcia: “He was a funny motherf**ker and kind.”

On David Gilmour: “Intelligent gentleman, brilliant player/singer.”

On Billy Joel: “Very talented cat…writing, singing, playing.”

On Bonnie Raitt: “I love her to pieces. Great singer, player. Great lady.”

On Brian Wilson: Using three words, describes him as “Innocent, brilliant, inspiring.”

On The Beach BoysMike Love: Thinks he’s “quite possibly” the biggest jerk in rock music, and he “would not” collaborate with him.

On Kanye West: “He’s an idiot and a poser” and “has no talent at all.”

Crosby also had positive things to say about Jimmy Page, The Beatles, Eric Clapton‘s singing, The Eagles, late guitar virtuoso Michael Hedges, Little Feat, Stevie Wonder, The Kinks, Fairport Convention and David Lindley. Some of David’s other dislikes include Jim Morrison, Phish, and punk rock.

Crosby also admitted that his biggest regret is the amount of time he wasted because of his problems with drugs, noting that he “would have made a lot more music.” In addition, he shared his choices of a few of his “Desert Island Discs”: Steely Dan‘s Aja, The Beatles’ Revolver, Joni Mitchell’s Blue, and Michael Hedges’ Aerial Boundaries.

David’s currently in Japan, where Crosby, Stills & Nash kicked off a Far East tour in Tokyo Thursday.

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