Warner Bros. RecordsKim Kardashian‘s tweets got some additional star power Monday night, courtesy of Bette Midler. The 69-year-old entertainer appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and sang some of the reality star’s choice Twitter musings.

Jimmy introduced his guest, saying, “Here to sing some of the famous tweets from a woman for whom she named one of her chickens, Miss Kim Kardashian, please welcome Bette Midler…” Bette, accompanied by a pianist, then transformed a handful of Kardashian’s vapid tweets into classy melodies worthy of a smoky supper club.

“What color is that dress?” Midler sang, referencing Kim’s tweet about the infamous optical illusion dress that recently went viral. “I see white and gold Kanye sees black and blue, who is color blind?”

Bette also made a tune out of the tweet, “Ugh, I hate falling asleep with all my makeup on,” before finishing up the performance by singing, “I never thought I would ever say this… But I’m wearing flats today.”

Bette and Kim have chatted on Twitter before and expressed mutual admiration for each other. Back in 2010, Kim excitedly tweeted about meeting Bette. “OMG I Just met Bette Midler!” she wrote. “She said she watched the show! DYING! Beaches is my all time favorite movie! I really love her!”

The newly platinum-blonde Kim has been busy at Paris Fashion Week, but we’re guessing she’ll be tweeting about Bette’s musical tribute soon.

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