Mert Alas and Marcus PiggotBefore Madonna Week kicks off on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, the pop icon had a special request for the host. In a pre-recorded video message, Madonna tells Ellen she’ll come and perform on the show only if DeGeneres wears fishnets.

“Ellen, I can’t wait to see you tomorrow and spend the week with you,” Madonna says. “We are long lost cousins, right? I’ll come, I’ll sing you some songs, if you promise to wear fishnets. Deal?”

After the message plays, Ellen tosses back a sheet on her lap to reveal…a pair of fake legs in fishnet tights. She then proceeds to swing around the limber limbs. Okay, so she didn’t technically hold up her end of the bargain, but we doubt Madonna will hold it against her.

The singer will be Ellen’s guest through Friday, March 20. She’ll likely perform songs from her new album, Rebel Heart, and discuss the inside scoop on her latest work and upcoming tour.

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