David Bergman; Danny ClinchIt was a close race, but Jon Bon Jovi beat Bruce Springsteen for the title of favorite New Jersey rocker in a recent poll. The poll surveyed readers of app.com, the website of the Asbury Park Press, and more than 20,000 votes were cast.

The Boss quickly took the lead when the poll began March 6, but Bon Jovi started catching up around the 13,000 vote mark. The last day of voting was Friday and a well-timed tweet from Jon’s brother, Matthew Bongiovi, may have pushed him to victory. “Let’s finish this!!” Matt tweeted. At the time, Jon was behind by about 50 votes.

In the end, Bon Jovi won by a tight margin. He received 11,140 votes, or 50.66 percent, while Bruce tallied 10,851 votes, or 49.34 percent.

Whether you’re satisfied with Bon Jovi’s win or not, the poll made it clear that New Jerseyans are passionate about their music.

“There’s something unique and endearing and cool about the fact that New Jersey even thinks about who its favorite rockers are,” Matty Karas, the music curator for REDEF, told the Asbury Park Press. “I think that says something about how much New Jerseyans in general think about, and identify with, their home state.”

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