Warner Bros. RecordsCher is stepping up and helping a 96-year-old widow live out her final days in her Northern Virginia home.

The Washington Post reports the story began last June when Edith Hill made headlines by marrying her longtime companion, 95-year-old Eddie Harrison. Hill is black and Harrison was white.

A short time later, two of Hill’s three daughters raised concerns about the health of their mother, who suffers from mild dementia, and questioned the validity of the marriage. The Post says the issue went to court and in December, Edith was sent to live in Florida with one daughter, while Eddie remained in Virginia with another daughter. He died a short time later.

Cher heard about the couple last summer and when she learned that a court was involved in separating Edith and Eddie, the singer called her lawyer. When Eddie died in December, Cher vowed to bring Edith home to Virginia.

In January, two of Edith’s daughters filed separate court petitions to bring her back to Virginia or keep her in Florida and sell her home to pay for her care in the Sunshine State.

In order for Edith to return to Virginia, however, her home needed thousands of dollars in repairs to make it safe enough for her.

In a deposition recorded in February, Cher said she would cover the cost of repairs and other expenses. When asked if she was willing and able to foot the bill for repairs and yearly care that could total as much as $200,000 a year, the singer replied, “If that’s what it would have to be, then yes, I’m able to do that.” Cher stated in her deposition that the money would be a gift.

Earlier this month, a judge ruled that Edith can return to her Alexandra home once the Cher-funded repairs are complete.

In her deposition, Cher said, “I take care of my mother, I took care of both of my grandmothers, and I know that the one thing they begged me to do – my one grandmother just said once when she was even young. ‘Don’t ever put me in a home.’”

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