Rick Diamond/Getty Images for The WhoAs The Who gear up for the first of its two scheduled North American tour legs this year celebrating the band’s 50 anniversary, frontman Roger Daltrey is insisting that this will indeed be the British rock legends’ final major trek.

“I do know this is the last big tour we’ll ever do,” he tells Rolling Stone. “We have to be realistic. I want us to stop at the top of our game when we are still really good at what we do.”

The 71-year-old Rock and Roll Hall of Famer has struggled with voice problems over the years, but he says he’s currently in fine shape thanks to “the genius Dr. Steven Zeitels up in Boston,” who also has treated Aerosmith‘s Steve Tyler, KISSPaul Stanley, Lionel Richie and other stars.

“My vocal cords are better now than they’ve ever been!” Roger maintains.

Meanwhile, Daltrey says that as the end of The Who’s touring years near, he finds that he’s savoring performing all the more.

“I’ve always tried to sing as though I’m singing a song for the first time,” he explains, “now I sing it as though I’m singing the song for what might be the last time.”

For The Who Hits 50! Tour, the band’s sets are made up mostly of classic songs, but the group also is adding in a number of rarities it hadn’t performed in many years, “to please our hardcore fans,” as Daltrey points out. Among these are “So Sad About Us,” “I Can See for Miles,” “Pictures of Lily,” “Slip Kid” and the mini rock opera “A Quick One, While He’s Away.”

The Who has more than 50 dates on its 2015 tour itinerary, which currently is scheduled through a November 4 concert in Philadelphia. Daltrey does not rule out extending the trek being, but he says it won’t go on indefinitely.

“If people want to add shows and we still feel great, then it will go for a while longer, but not that much longer,” he notes. “It might last two years.”

Roger also says a new Who album could be in the offing.

Pete [Townshend] wants to make another record,” he tells Rolling Stone. As for the status of the project, Daltrey says Townshend is “just talking about it. He adds, “I’ve heard a couple of tracks, which are great.”

Daltrey notes that once The Who stops touring, he can envision working with his longtime band mate on a variety of projects.

“This bit of our career is closed, but maybe two more doors open up,” he explains. “Pete is an incredibly vibrant musician. I could see us playing acoustically in some ways.”

The Who’s U.S. tour gets under way on April 15 in Tampa, Florida. Check out the band’s full schedule at TheWho.com.

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