Credit: Simon CrossThe Rolling Stones have been busy touring the world for the last couple of years, but the band hasn’t released a new full-length studio album in almost a decade. Singer Mick Jagger says he isn’t sure if the group will put together a new record, but it’s something that he’d love to do.

“It would be very nice and I’ve got a lot of new songs and songs I’ve written over the last couple of years,” he reveals to Rolling Stone. “I’ve done really good demos for all of them, which I would love to record.”

As whether he’s considered recording a new solo album, Jagger says, “I haven’t, really. I’d love to record a Stones album. If that doesn’t happen, then yes.”

He adds, “I’ve got songs that would be great for The Stones, and I’ve got songs that wouldn’t be perfect for The Stones.”

The Stones’ upcoming North American tour runs from a May 24 concert in San Diego through a July 15 show in Quebec, Canada, but the band has no dates scheduled after that. Jagger says that is likely to change, as he and his band mates have been talking about lining up another trek in late autumn of this year.

Meanwhile, Mick, who turns 72 in July, says he absolutely has no plans to retire at the moment.

“I’m thinking about what the next tour is,” he tells Rolling Stone. “I’m not thinking about retirement. I’m planning the next set of tours.”

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