Credit: Martyn AtkinsJeff Lynne was recognized for his many musical achievements with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at a ceremony held earlier today in front of the famous Capitol Records Building in downtown Los Angeles. As expected, Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh and Tom Petty both were on hand to deliver speeches saluting the Electric Light Orchestra frontman and acclaimed producer, who said he was “thrilled to bits” to receive the honor.

After an introduction by Hollywood Chamber of Commerce President Leron Gubler detailing some of Lynne’s career highlights, such as his many hits with ELO and his membership in supergroup The Traveling Wilburys, Walsh took to the podium. The guitar great began his speech by reading a humorous “list of things about Jeff Lynne that you probably didn’t know,” which included some true tidbits and a lot jokey bits of misinformation. Walsh then read a witty homage to Lynne that incorporated titles from a variety of songs Jeff wrote or co-wrote.

Joe ended his speech by saying, “I believe Jeff Lynne is not just a true musical genius, he is one big humble, lovable reason that now and forever rock ‘n’ roll is king. So Jeff, as you and The Wilburys sang so well, congratulations, and from all of us, thank you for all the songs we know and love and all the songs still to come…[W]e don’t just listen to your songs, Jeff, we all sing along.”

Next it was Petty’s turn. Tom recalled meeting Jeff — backstage following a U.K. concert Petty and The Heartbreakers played with Bob Dylan — and then explained how his musical relationship developed with Lynne after discovering that they lived near each other. After talking about working on his smash 1989 solo album Full Moon Fever with Lynne, Petty called him “the single greatest record producer I have ever encountered,” and “the best overall musician I’ve ever met.”

Petty finished by promising to come and clean Lynne’s Walk of Fame star once a month, “’cause I don’t want any chewing gum on Jeff Lynne.”

Then, Lynne came to the mic and humbly thanked fans for coming out and for Walsh’s and Petty’s words of praise.

“Who were they talking about all that time? Not me, surely,” he commented. “That’s the best sort of collection of things I’ve ever heard. I didn’t know I’d done ’em all.”

Lynne revealed that he started playing music on a plastic Elvis Presley guitar that only had one nylon string, adding, “I never expected to be on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with that little plastic guitar.”

Closing out his acceptance speech, Jeff said, “It’s just so beautiful to see you all here. I feel, like, thrilled to bits and I don’t know how to express myself or anything.”

Also in attendance at the event were the late George Harrison‘s wife and son, Olivia and Dhani Harrison, and Ringo Starr‘s wife, Barbara Bach.

You can watch a video of the entire ceremony at Variety magazine’s official YouTube channel.

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