Mary McCartney/MPL CommunicationsA few years back, Paul McCartney made a surprise appearance on an episode of 30 Rock, but the ex-Beatles star also was once offered a cameo role on another hit NBC sitcom, a little show called Friends.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, Friends casting director Leslie Litt revealed that she’d wanted Sir Paul to portray Ross Geller’s British father-in-law in the two-part finale for the series’ fourth season in 1998.

“I went through his manager and gave him all the details,” explained Litt recalled. “One day, someone in the office brought me a faxed letter written to me by Paul himself!”

Unfortunately, McCartney declined Litt’s offer. “He thanked me for my interest and said how flattered he was, but it was a very busy time for him,” she noted.

In the episodes, most of the Friends crew fly to London for Ross’ wedding to Emily Waltham. At the altar, Ross ends up saying the name of his ex-girlfriend, Rachel, but he and Emily still go through with the marriage. The part of Emily’s dad, Stephen Waltham, ended up going to veteran British actor Tom Conti.

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