Munising, MI –  September 16, 2015  –  Help support the Munising High School Cheerleaders!

The Munising High School Cheerleaders are selling pasties to raise funds for their travel expenses this year. Pasties are $5 each. You can get in touch with one of the cheerleaders or one of their moms.

Th money is due by October 16th, so order your pasties today and support the high school cheerleaders!

Yesterday I interviewed Jason Allen, executive director of veterans affairs int Michigan. We were discussing the up coming veterans job fair at NMU Yooper Dome. This is a chance to talk to someone about your vdt benefits and job opportunities. there will be those there that can help you understand what youve got coming and to hire you for a job. See ya there. tellem george sent ya.


Talked to Jason Allen this week. discussed the additional finances apropreated by the governor for the VA. this will enable more advisors to be available to aid vets in filling out paper work to get their benefits. This is a great stride forward for our vets.

Also the Jacobetti and the vets center in Grand Rapids have received funding to help bring them up to code in their physical plant. you can listen to this interview from our archieves.


This morning I had za nice chat with several ladies from thee quilt guild here in Munising. we discussed the up coming quilt camp happening at the Good Shepherd Lutheran church ont the 16 of June thru the 18,noon to 4 each day.  You must register by June 10 for camp.

We also talked about t he comfortors for our returning vets. If you know of a vet who was deployed and has not received a quilt or a vet who is deployed and will be returning soon please let these ladies know. they gave out 50 quiltds last year. Until they find new vets they are making quilts for WW II vets.

Then to top it off the quilt show coming to Good Shepherd Lutheran church in October 10-14. there are raffle tickets available thru any of the 60+ members of the guild for a dollar or 6 for $5.


wonderful time with thse ladies. thanks for your coming in.  You can listen by going to the interview archieves and clicking on quilt guild.

this week i have been playing an interview i had with sheriff Hughes concerning the up coming informational program on the meth problem here in Alger county. We discussed the dangers of meth and the fact that these guys are throwing  the waste onto the road side. Those groups who are picking  up the roadsides are at risk. He said that the meth makers prefer green pop or gator ade bottles. The program is the 13th of May at the high school gym at 6 p.m. iIf you are involved with the adopt a highway program please plan to attend and even if not you need to be informed. thank you george


This morning I had the privelege of talking to Jason Allen the executive director of veterans affairs in Michigan. Appropiatly he gave a little history on the Irish who have served our country beginning with the Civil War.

I found this interesting and believe you will too.  george


We here at WQXO would like to wish all of our listeners a very blessed Christmas and a prosperous upcoming new year.

Thank you all for listening and being  part of the oldies family.

God bless



To all our vets and active duty, reserves and National Guard THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE. today is your day. george


This morning I had the opportunity to speak with Senator Tom Casperson. We discussed the wolf problem and how they are causing much damage to livestock. we also talked about a joint venture with Wisconsin in the management of federal forest land.  The feds are not doing a good job in managing forestry harvests and this is not good for our economy nor is it good for our forest.

lastly we discussed the bill introduce by Rep. Kivala  that would deny felons the right to purchase certain cold medicines that contain an ingredient that is used in the manufacture of meth.

it is always a pleasure to talk to our Senator and I always come away haveing been educated.


Senator Casperson joined me in the studio and we  discussed the situation in the Senate with the medicaid and Obamacare. We also talked about privatization of the food service in correctional facilities. this is one you won’t want to miss. for more updates and a few laughs tune in weeldays 7 to 10 and all day long for the oldies you love to remember.


Listen to the Interview Here


this morning I had the pleasure again of interviewing Greg Prunick of the Relay for Life groups. He is the coordinator and this is his fourth year. We discussed some of the new things that have taken place over the last 3 years such as the new Health Initiatives Coordinator, Becky Carey. She is heading up the “road to recovery programs for the U.P. as well as the ‘look good feel better’ here in Munising. you can call her at 360-3338. and the Hope Lodges that provide husing when traveling to hospitals in Grand Rapids, Rochester, and Marshfield. you can call the American Cancer Society at 1-800-227-2345. for more information on that.


This morning it was my pleasure to interview Senator Tom Casperson. We discussed the transportation tax and how it is affecting us and how the Governor wants to change it to make it more efficient. we also talked about trail destination maps and new trail. And last we talked about legislation Tom has introduced to protect gun owners from the fiasco that happened in New York where a paper gave out names, and addresses of gun owners. tune in or listen to the interview on our archives found george


I had Debbie and Carlene in to chat about the on going pecan sale. This is the major fund raiser for the Munising Memorial Hospital Aux. The funds raised go to scholarships for those going into the medical field as well as helping to buy equipment such as the new mamagraph machine, or the new TV in the waiting room for the O.R. These ladies are helping. They also make and stuff teddy bears to give to kids who go to the ER. S0 give them a call to order you pecans Debbie at 387-2589 or Carlene at 553-4913. Or you contact the Senior center or Angies to place your order.  then find a good recipe for pecan pie. I did and hmmmmm is it ever good. george


This morning I had an interview with Senator Tom Casperson and we discussed the new roads to the mines and how they have been approved by the DEQ but now the EPA are trying to stop them again. We both agree  that it is about time the federal gov butts out of state business. Nobody elected them and they have no real authority to control anything. Not only that but think how much money could be save if they and other worthless bureaucrats were abolloished.  just thinking george


This morning I interviewed Ann Peramaki from Munising who has recently been inducted into her high school hall of fame for track and field records she set when she was competing in high school over 20 years ago. Ann now is the track and field coach at the Munising Baptist school. I will be playing this interview tomorrow morning in the 8 o’clock hour.

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