The Man Behind ‘George In the Morning’

georgeGeorge Dwelley

George started with Great Lakes Radio just over 3 years ago. He had no experience in broadcasting at all when he first came in. The Staff at GLR are the best, they offered suggestions, tolerated numerous calls for help and showed him many tricks, and slowly ‘George In the Morning’ was born.

Since he has been here the show has gone from 1.5 hours to 3 hours; there has been a church service segment added each Sunday featuring a local church, and he’s been able to meet and interview some of the neatest people, Cheer coach Kathy Mutter being one of them, is one of his all time favorites and he sill miss her though she has moved on. Senator Tom Casperson and Jason Allen have become regulars, Tom keeps him up on what is happening in Lansing, and Jason keeps him up on veteran affairs.

As a retiree George could not ask for better hours; he claims that he has always been an early riser. His wife of 38 years, Sandy, gets up with him then listens to his show on the radio as she goes about her job. Plus, with the studios in the Navigator restraunt, he has the chance to have a live audience and get to talk to a lot of folks from around the world. The ability to convince kids from time to time to join him on the air has always been a treat for him, plus the food is awesome.

In the words of George: “That’s not such a bad gig for an overweight retiree.”

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