Capitol/UMeThe Beach Boys have just released two new archival digital collections culled from the same period as the band’s recent 1967 — Sunshine Tomorrow compilation, which focuses on recordings the band made during sessions for Wild Honey and Smiley Smile albums.

The first digital collection is titled 1967 — Sunshine Tomorrow 2: The Studio Sessions. It features 29 previously unreleased tracks, including studio outtakes from the Wild Honey and Smiley Smile sessions, as well as from the shelved Lei’d in Hawaii album that was conceived as a live album but was made up mainly of performances recorded in a Los Angeles studio.

The second new release is called Live Sunshine — 1967, and it boasts an expansive 109 tracks recorded at concert rehearsals and at various shows that The Beach Boys played in August and November of ’67. All of these performances were previously unreleased except for eight tunes that also appeared on 1967 — Sunshine Tomorrow.

Here is the track list of 1967 — Sunshine Tomorrow 2: The Studio Sessions:

“Heroes and Villains” — A Cappella
“Vegetables” — Track and Background Vocals
“She’s Going Bald” — Track and Background Vocals
“Little Pad” — A Cappella
“With Me Tonight” — Session Highlight
“Wind Chimes” — Track and Background Vocals
“Gettin’ Hungry” — Track and Background Vocals
“Whistle In” — Track and Background Vocals
“Aren’t You Glad” — Stereo Single Mix
“I Was Made to Love Her” — Track and Background Vocals
“Country Air” — Track and Background Vocals
“Darlin'” — Track and Background Vocals
“I’d Love Just Once to See You” — Track and Background Vocals
“Here Comes the Night” — A Cappella
“Let the Wind Blow” — A Cappella
“How She Boogalooed It” — Track and Stereo Last Verse
“Lonely Days” — Session Highlight and Track
“Time to Get Alone” — Backing Track
“Cool Cool Water” — Alternate Mix
“Can’t Wait Too Long” — Alternative Mix with Tag
“Tune L” — Session (Unreleased)
“Good News” — Outtake
“Surfin'” — Studio Backing Track (Lei’d in Hawaii)
“Heroes and Villains” — Studio Version (Lei’d in Hawaii)
“With a Little Help from My Friends” — Session Highlight and Track with Background Vocals
“Barbara Ann” — Studio Backing Track (Lei’d in Hawaii)
“California Girls” — Studio Stereo Mix (Lei’d in Hawaii)
“God Only Knows” — Studio Stereo Mix (Lei’d in Hawaii)
“Surfer Girl” — Studio Stereo Mix, Alternate Take (Lei’d in Hawaii)

And here’s the track list of Live Sunshine — 1967:

“Heroes and Villains” — Rehearsal (Live in Hawaii, 8/25/67)
“God Only Knows” — Rehearsal (Live in Hawaii, 8/25/67)
“Good Vibrations” — Rehearsal (Live in Hawaii, 8/25/67)
“The Letter” — Rehearsal (Live in Hawaii, 8/25/67)
“You’re So Good to Me” — Rehearsal (Live in Hawaii, 8/25/67)
“Hawaii” — Rehearsal (Live in Hawaii, 8/25/67)
“All Day All Night” — Rehearsal (Live in Hawaii, 8/25/67)
“California Girls” — Rehearsal Take 1 (Live in Hawaii, 8/25/67)
“Surfin'” — Rehearsal (Live in Hawaii, 8/25/67)
“Sloop John B” — Rehearsal (Live in Hawaii, 8/25/67)
“Wouldn’t It Be Nice” — Rehearsal (Live in Hawaii, 8/25/67)
“California Girls” — Rehearsal Take 2 (Live in Hawaii, 8/25/67)
“The Letter” — Rehearsal (Live in Hawaii, 8/25/67)
“Hawaii” (Live in Hawaii, 8/25/67)
“You’re So Good to Me” (Live in Hawaii, 8/25/67)
“Surfer Girl” (Live in Hawaii, 8/25/67)
“Surfin'” (Live in Hawaii, 8/25/67)
“Gettin’ Hungry” (Live in Hawaii, 8/25/67)
“Sloop John B” (Live in Hawaii, 8/25/67)
“California Girls” (Live in Hawaii, 8/25/67)
“Wouldn’t It Be Nice” (Live in Hawaii, 8/25/67)
“Heroes and Villains” (Live in Hawaii, 8/25/67)
“God Only Knows” (Live in Hawaii, 8/25/67)
“Good Vibrations” (Live in Hawaii, 8/25/67)
“Barbara Ann” (Live in Hawaii, 8/25/67)
“The Letter” — Rehearsal (Live in Hawaii, 8/26/67)
“Hawaii” — Rehearsal (Live in Hawaii, 8/26/67) [new edit & mix]
“You’re So Good to Me” — Rehearsal (Live in Hawaii, 8/26/67)
“God Only Knows” — Rehearsal (Live in Hawaii, 8/26/67)
“Help Me Rhonda” — Rehearsal (Live in Hawaii, 8/26/67)
“California Girls” — Rehearsal (Live in Hawaii, 8/26/67)
“Good Vibrations” — Rehearsal (Live in Hawaii, 8/26/67)
“Heroes and Villains” — Rehearsal (Live in Hawaii, 8/26/67) [new edit & mix]
“Their Hearts Were Full of Spring” — Rehearsal (Live in Hawaii, 8/26/67)
“The Lord’s Prayer” — Rehearsal (Live in Hawaii, 8/26/67)
“Hawthorne Boulevard” — Instrumental (Live in Honolulu, 1967)*
“Hawaii” (Live in Hawaii, 8/26/67)
“You’re So Good to Me” (Live in Hawaii, 8/26/67)
“Help Me Rhonda” (Live in Hawaii, 8/26/67)
“California Girls” (Live in Hawaii, 8/26/67)
“Wouldn’t It Be Nice” (Live in Hawaii, 8/26/67)
“Gettin’ Hungry” (Live in Hawaii, 8/26/67) [new edit & mix]
“Surfer Girl” (Live in Hawaii, 8/26/67)
“Surfin'” (Live in Hawaii, 8/26/67) [new edit & mix]
“Sloop John B” (Live in Hawaii, 8/26/67)
“The Letter” (Live in Hawaii, 8/26/67) [new edit & mix]
“God Only Knows” (Live in Hawaii, 8/26/67)
“Good Vibrations” (Live in Hawaii, 8/26/67)
“Heroes and Villains” (Live in Hawaii, 8/26/67)
“Barbara Ann” (Live in Hawaii, 8/26/67)
“Barbara Ann” (Live in Detroit, 11/17/67)
“Darlin'” (Live in Detroit, 11/17/67)
“Country Air” (Live in Detroit, 11/17/67)*
“I Get Around” (Live in Detroit, 11/17/67)
“How She Boogalooed It” (Live in Detroit, 11/17/67)*
“Wouldn’t It Be Nice” (Live in Detroit, 11/17/67)
“God Only Knows” (Live in Detroit, 11/17/67)
“California Girls” (Live in Detroit, 11/17/67)
“Wild Honey” (Live in Detroit, 11/17/67)*
“Graduation Day” (Live in Detroit, 11/17/67)
“Good Vibrations” (Live in Detroit, 11/17/67)
“Johnny B. Goode” (Live in Detroit, 11/17/67)
“Barbara Ann” (Live in Washington, D.C., 11/19/67)
“Darlin'” (Live in Washington, D.C., 11/19/67)
“I Get Around” (Live in Washington, D.C., 11/19/67)
“Surfer Girl” (Live in Washington, D.C., 11/19/67)
“Wouldn’t It Be Nice” (Live in Washington, D.C., 11/19/67)
“God Only Knows” (Live in Washington, D.C., 11/19/67)
“California Girls” (Live in Washington, D.C., 11/19/67)*
“Wild Honey” (Live in Washington, D.C., 11/19/67)
“Good Vibrations” (Live in Washington, D.C., 11/19/67)
“Graduation Day” (Live in Washington, D.C., 11/19/67)*
“Johnny B. Goode” (Live in Washington, D.C., 11/19/67)
“Help Me Rhonda” (Live in White Plains, NY, 11/21/67)
“Barbara Ann” (Live in White Plains, NY, 11/21/67)
“Darlin'” (Live in White Plains, NY, 11/21/67)
“Surfer Girl” (Live in White Plains, NY, 11/21/67)
“Wouldn’t It Be Nice” (Live in White Plains, NY, 11/21/67)
“God Only Knows” (Live in White Plains, NY, 11/21/67)
“California Girls” (Live in White Plains, NY, 11/21/67)
“Wild Honey” (Live in White Plains, NY, 11/21/67)
“Graduation Day” (Live in White Plains, NY, 11/21/67)
“Good Vibrations” (Live in White Plains, NY, 11/21/67)
“Help Me Rhonda” (Live in Pittsburgh, 11/22/67)
“Barbara Ann” (Live in Pittsburgh, 11/22/67)
“I Get Around” (Live in Pittsburgh, 11/22/67)
“Darlin'” (Live in Pittsburgh, 11/22/67) *
“Surfer Girl” (Live in Pittsburgh, 11/22/67)
“Wouldn’t It Be Nice” (Live in Pittsburgh, 11/22/67)
“God Only Knows” (Live in Pittsburgh, 11/22/67)
“California Girls” (Live in Pittsburgh, 11/22/67)
“Wild Honey” (Live in Pittsburgh, 11/22/67)
“Good Vibrations” (Live in Pittsburgh, 11/22/67)
“Johnny B. Goode” (Live in Pittsburgh, 11/22/67)
“Graduation Day” (Live in Pittsburgh, 11/22/67)
“Sloop John B” (Live in Pittsburgh, 11/22/67)
“Help Me Rhonda” (Live in Boston, 11/23/67)
“Barbara Ann” (Live in Boston, 11/23/67)
“Darlin'” (Live in Boston, 11/23/67)
“Surfer Girl” (Live in Boston, 11/23/67)
“Wouldn’t It Be Nice” (Live in Boston, 11/23/67)
“God Only Knows” (Live in Boston, 11/23/67)
“California Girls” (Live in Boston, 11/23/67)
“Wild Honey” (Live in Boston, 11/23/67)
“Good Vibrations” (Live in Boston, 11/23/67)
“I Get Around” (Live in Boston, 11/23/67) *
“Sloop John B” (Live in Boston, 11/23/67)
“Graduation Day” (Live in Boston, 11/23/67)
“Johnny B. Goode” (Live in Boston, 11/23/67)

* = previously appeared on 1967 — Sunshine Tomorrow compilation.

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Courtesy of Julien’s AuctionsSome deep-pocketed Neil Young fans harvested a variety of expensive items that belonged to the folk-rock legend at an auction held Saturday, December 9. More than 450 lots were sold during the event, hosted by Julien’s Auctions in Los Angeles, with the priciest item being a rare 1953 Buick Roadmaster Skylark Convertible that went for $400,000 after only being expected to fetch between 200,000 to $300,000.

Among the highlights of the sale, which included a live auction, as well as bidding online and via phone, were more than 230 pieces of Young’s expansive model train collection, which brought in a collective total of almost $300,000. A number of guitars owned by Neil also were auctioned, including a 1977 Martin D-19 acoustic and a 1999 White Falcon Gretsch that both sold for $43,750, and a pair of other Gretsches dating back to 1957 that brought in $37,500 apiece.

Meanwhile, a group of Universal preamp module were auctioned for $68,750, and a 1958 Neve/Telefunken tube microphone sold for $42,500.

A couple of other vintage vehicles belonging to Young also were auctioned: 1941 Chrysler Series 28 Windsor Highlander two-door coupe that previously had been owned by actor Steve McQueen sold for $35,200; and a 1948 Buick Roadmaster hearse that was similar to one Neil used while in his early band The Squires brought in $31,250.

Part of the proceeds from the auction will benefit The Bridge School, a facility for students with severe physical and speech impairments that Neil’s ex-wife Pegi co-founded. Check out the auction’s full results at

In related news, Julien’s Auctions is hosting another online sale featuring more items belonging to Young that’s scheduled to close Sunday, December 17, at 11 a.m. PT.

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ABC/Randy HolmesThe 16th edition of Alice Cooper‘s star-studded annual Christmas Pudding fundraising concert takes place tomorrow, December 9, at the Celebrity Theatre in the shock rocker’s hometown of Phoenix.

Among the well-known musicians who will be joining Cooper at the event are Edgar Winter, ex-Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley, Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash and Judas Priest‘s Rob Halford.

Other artists on the bill include former Megadeth bassist David Ellefson, Filter, comedian and musician Gary Mule Deer and Cooper touring band members Glen Sobel and Nita Strauss.

Proceeds from the holiday extravaganza benefit the Solid Rock Teen Center, a facility in Phoenix co-founded by Alice that provides free music lessons to local young people. The event also will feature a performance by the Solid Rock Dancers and the winners of this year’s installment of Cooper’s annual Proof Is in the Pudding talent contest.

Tickets are still available for the show at the Celebrity Theatre box office and at, or by calling 602-267-1600, extension 1.

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Credit: Danny ClinchThe Grateful Dead spinoff group Dead & Company Grateful Dead spinoff group Dead & Company have now rescheduled the three concert dates they were forced to postpone this week due to singer/guitarist John Mayer‘s emergency appendectomy this past Tuesday.

The shows have now been set for February 24 in New Orleans, February 26 in Sunrise, Florida, and February 27 in Orlando, Florida. Tickets for the original dates will be honored at the new concerts, but if you need a refund, you can get one at the point of purchase.

Dead & Company’s shows originally were scheduled for December 5 in New Orleans, December 7 in Orlando, and December 8 in Sunrise.

Meanwhile, as Mayer recuperates from his operation, he seems to be enjoying his pain medication — maybe a little too much. On Wednesday, he tweeted, “I’m a warm, pilled-out froggy, whizzing my golf cart around the internet, doffing my wool cap to everyone I pass. beep beep hellllloo electric guitars let me get a look at you.”

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Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage/NBCAlice Cooper will bring a little shock rock to a new TV production of the famous rock musical Jesus Christ Superstar, which will air live on Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018, on NBC. Cooper has been cast in the part of the flamboyant King Herod.

“Alice Cooper, whose theatricality is the stuff of legend, is the perfect rock star to play Herod in our live production,” says NBC executive Robert Greenblatt in a statement. “[Show creators] Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice wrote a show-stopping musical number for Herod and we all look forward to the ‘King of Shock Rock’ taking on the King of Judea.”

Cooper’s actually the only case member who’s been announced so far. He previously recorded King Herrod’s showcase tune, “King Herod’s Song,” for a cast album of the 1996 U.K. production of Jesus Christ Superstar at the request of Lloyd Webber and Rice.

Jesus Christ Superstar debuted as two-LP concept album in 1970 that featured Deep Purple‘s Ian Gillan as Jesus and ex-Manfred Mann singer Mike D’Abo as Herod. The musical version made its Broadway debut in 1971, while a film adaptation premiered in 1973. Many revivals of the musical have been staged over the years.

As previously reported, Cooper will launch a new North American tour on March 1 in Windsor, Canada. The trek currently is plotted out through a March 29 show in Indianapolis.

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Credit: Patricia O’DriscollToday marks what would have been Gregg Allman‘s 70th birthday, and in honor of the milestone, an official video for the late singer’s recent cover of his friend Jackson Browne‘s tune “Song for Adam” has debuted on YouTube. Allman’s rendition of the song appears on his Grammy-nominated posthumous album, Southern Blood, and features backing vocals by Browne.

The video, which was shot in various Texas locations, poignantly depicts a nostalgic flashback to a road trip taken by two motorcycle-riding friends, one of whom apparently died young.

Similarly, “Song for Adam” is sung from the perspective of a man who has found out that a troubled friend of his, who he hadn’t seen in many years, has died. When Gregg recorded his version of the tune, his voice broke with emotion during the final verse because it reminded him of his brother and band mate Duane Allman, who was killed in a motorcycle crash at age 27. Although Gregg never completed the final line of the song, Southern Blood producer Don Was decided to leave the performance unfinished.

Allman died in May of this year at age 69 from complications of liver cancer.

Meanwhile, Gregg’s adopted hometown of Macon, Georgia, marked Allman’s birthday today by celebrating its first Gregg Allman Day, which, moving forward, will be commemorated annually in the city on December 8.

In addition, a special concert celebrating Allman’s 70th birthday will be held Friday night at The Fillmore in San Francisco. Gregg’s son Devon and his group Devon Allman Project will headline the show, which also will feature Robert Randolph, ex-Derek and the Dominos member Bobby Whitlock, Wet Willie singer Jimmy Hall, G. Love and Allman Brothers Band family members Duane Betts, Brooklyn Allman and Berry Oakley Jr.

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Roman RecordsVisit to enjoy a first listen of a new Joe Perry solo tune, “Aye, Aye, Aye,” that features lead vocals by Cheap Trick‘s Robin Zander.

The song will appear on the Aerosmith guitarist’s forthcoming album, Sweetzerland Manifesto, which will be released on January 19 and is available for pre-order now at Amazon and iTunes.

“Aye, Aye, Aye” is a hard-pounding track that finds Perry and Zander channeling Led Zeppelin‘s Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, accompanied by heavy, tribal drumming and some piano flourishes.

Perry tells Rolling Stone that he and Zander, who’ve been friends and mutual fans for 40 years, had often discussed collaborating, and finally got the chance with Joe’s latest solo project.

“I was in L.A. working on my newest solo record and Robin was in town with Cheap Trick and called me with an idea for a song,” he recalls. “He sang the chorus over the phone which was all he had at the time. I dug it and said, ‘Hell yeah, come on up.’ This song turned out to be one of two tracks on the album I hadn’t written the music for before. Robin came up to Sweetzerland and six hours later ‘Aye, Aye, Aye’ was born.”

Perry adds that work on the tune “moved along as fast as a ride on a Japanese bullet train, and they “were able to track it live that night.”

“Aye, Aye, Aye” can be purchased a digital download now, and also is available via streaming services.

Sweetzerland Manifesto also features appearances by Johnny Depp, David Johansen, British blues-rock veteran Terry Reid, Who touring drummer Zak Starkey and Perry’s sons Tony and Roman.

Depp, who plays with Perry and Alice Cooper in the supergroup Hollywood Vampires, executive produced the album.

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Jeff Neira, Disney/ABC Home Entertainment and TV DistributionThe last time Madonna appeared on Live with Kelly was 2007, but Friday morning, the Queen of Pop made up for lost time, dropping by to give Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest an update on her life.

Dressed in a pink dress with colorful appliques, Madonna talked about her recent move to Lisbon, Portugal. Why’d she move?

“Soccer. I am an official soccer mom,” Madonna declared. “I’m a soccer mom that moved to Lisbon. I’m a fat soccer mom.” Of course, Kelly and Ryan quickly reassured the star that she looks “amazing.”

Madonna did move to Portugal so her son David could join a soccer team, but according to the star, sports isn’t the only thing that interests her kids.

“My oldest daughter dances, my son Rocco paints,” the proud mom of six said. “David is a soccer player but says his fallback career is being a singer/songwriter.” And Madonna says her daughter Mercy “announced to me the other day that she wants to be a designer of sportswear, loungewear…basically the next Kanye!”

Madonna added that she’s made a point of exposing her children to culture, bragging, “My kids can look at a painting and say, ‘That’s a Jackson Pollock, that’s a Basquiat, that’s an Andy Warhol,’ and I am so proud of them.”

To which Kelly replied, “My kids can do that with your album covers!”

But Madonna’s not perfect: she admitted that she didn’t realize how much friction six kids — including four-year-old twins — would add to her household.

“Six kids is a lot,” she said. “And there’s always the jealousy factor, so then there’s torturing each other, and endless fighting!”

Madonna also played Pictionary on the show, teaming with Anderson Cooper to challenge Kelly and Ryan. Of course, Madonna’s team won. She’s Madonna.

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Blain Clausen; Courtesy of Blackbird PresentsZZ Top‘s Billy Gibbons is among the many musicians who’ll take part in the 2018 edition of Charlie Daniels‘ Volunteer Jam, which be held on March 7 at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena.

As usual, Daniels’ band will headline next year’s edition of the benefit concert, which will pay special tribute to Charlie, the man who created the event 43 years ago.

The evening also will feature performances by Rolling Stones touring keyboardist Chuck Leavell, and country stars Alison Krauss, The Oak Ridge Boys, Ricky Skaggs, Bobby Bare, Eddie Montgomery of Montgomery Gentry, Jamey Johnson and Justin Moore, among others. Additional acts will be announced in the coming weeks.

“It’s hard to believe that it’s been 43 years since the [Charlie Daniels Band] and some of our friends got together at War Memorial Auditorium for what was supposed to be a live recording session, a one-time happening that took on a life of its own and was to become known worldwide as The Volunteer Jam,” Daniels says in a statement.

Tickets for the event have just gone on sale via, at all Ticketmaster locations, at the Bridgestone Arena box office and by calling 800-745-3000.

A portion of the proceeds from 2018’s Volunteer Jam will be donated to The Journey Home Project, a non-profit co-founded by Daniels aimed at helping veterans.

For more information, visit

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UMeAn expanded 50th anniversary edition of The Moody Blues‘ classic symphonic-rock concept record, Days of Future Passed, was released last month as a two-CD/DVD set. Among the highlights of the package is a restored version of the album’s original 1967 stereo mix, which recently was rediscovered.

Moody Blues singer/guitarist Justin Hayward tells ABC Radio that he only recently was made aware that the ’67 mix hadn’t been used in previous Days of Future Passed reissues.

“In the rush to get into the digital domain in the 1980s, you know, a lot of things weren’t done properly, and maybe this recording was one of them,” Hayward notes. “[So] I’m glad that they went right back to the original two-track that was used to cut the vinyl [in 1967].”

The expanded collection features various bonus tracks, including studio recordings and BBC Radio sessions that predate the making of Days. Hayward says the early material gives fans a glimpse into how The Moody Blues transitioned from an R&B outfit to the more experimental group it became when he and bassist John Lodge joined the group.

“You can kind of see the change in the group and how we led up to the particular sound that sort of came into being, really, with ‘Tuesday Afternoon’ and ‘Nights [in White Satin],’ and established our identity,” Justin notes.

Meanwhile, The Moody Blues recently were nominated for induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and will find out December 13 whether they will be among the 2018 honorees.

“I’m really pleased for the American audience and community that really loves The Moody Blues…and have been so faithful to us,” Hayward says of being nominated. “I think it’s great news for them, and it will be lovely if it happens.”

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LANSING, Mich. — State Sen. Wayne Schmidt, R-Traverse City, will hold coffee hours with constituents throughout the 37th Senate District during the month of December.

The senator will be available to answer questions and provide information and assistance, as well as take suggestions on issues affecting communities and businesses in the district. No appointment is necessary.

For more information or to contact Schmidt, please visit or call 517-373-2413.

Schmidt’s December coffee hours are as follows:

Saturday, Dec. 9

10 – 11 a.m.

Clyde’s Diner

5324 W. M-80


1 – 2 p.m.

Timber Charlie’s

110 Newberry Ave.


4 – 5 p.m.

Bentley’s B-M-L Cafe

62 N. State St.

St. Ignace

Monday, Dec. 18

9 – 10 a.m.

Whirly’s Coffee and Cream

413 W. Main St.


11 a.m. – noon

Toonie’s Fish and Steak House

216 N. Bridge St.


1 – 2 p.m.

Charlevoix City Hall

210 State St.


3 – 4 p.m.

The Inn Cafe, Inn at Bay Harbor

3600 Village Harbor Drive


5 – 6 p.m.

Audie’s Restaurant

314 S. Nicolet St.

Mackinaw City

Courtesy of Rock & Roll Hall of FameVoting in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s fan poll for favorite artist nominated for induction in 2018 has closed, and Bon Jovi is the act that’s standing tallest in the final tally. The New Jersey rockers notched more than 1.1 million votes, well ahead of the second-place vote-getters Moody Blues, who had just under 948,000.

Rounding out the top five vote-getters were Dire Straits at #3 with about 614,000 votes, The Cars at #4 with almost 553,000 votes and Judas Priest at #5 with more than 538,000.

Thanks to the poll, these five acts will get an extra vote toward induction, although more than 800 ballots are cast each year in deciding which artists are welcomed into the Rock Hall.

That being said, the artists who received the most votes in the fan poll during the last five years all ended up getting inducted, which bodes well for Bon Jovi.

After the final tally was announced, the band posted a Facebook message that read, “Thank you to all of our fans who voted for us to be in the Rock Hall! Your daily votes, posts, and videos went such a long way and we appreciate them all!”

The 2018 Rock Hall inductees will be announced on Wednesday, December 13, at 7 a.m. ET. The induction ceremony is scheduled for April 14 at Cleveland’s Public Hall.

Here is the full list of 2018 nominees and the exact number of votes they received in the fan poll:

Bon Jovi: 1,162,146
The Moody Blues: 947,795
Dire Straits: 613,749
The Cars: 552,733
Judas Priest: 538,508
The Zombies: 529,478
Eurythmics: 451,997
J. Geils Band: 349,319
Depeche Mode: 302,144
Nina Simone: 184,628
Kate Bush: 179,337
Radiohead: 176,310
Rage Against the Machine: 167,903
The MC5: 127,004
LL Cool J: 118,317
Sister Rosetta Thorpe: 111,158
Link Wray: 98,436
Rufus featuring Chaka Khan: 84,625
The Meters: 59,045

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Courtesy of Press Here PublicityTwo female rock legends, Debbie Harry and Joan Jett, star side by side in the official video for the new Blondie song, “Doom or Destiny,” which has just premiered online.

“Doom or Destiny” is the lead track off of Blondie’s latest studio album, Pollinator, and features backing vocals by Jett. The irreverent video features Debbie and Joan as newscasters hosting a mind-bending TV news program featuring bizarre and apocalyptic reports, and interrupted by edgy animations, fake commercials and more.

The not-safe-for-work video includes a weather forecast calling for thermonuclear war and seven plagues; a sock puppet resembling President Trump declaring, “Fake news!”; a news crawl featuring various feminist slogans; and a home-shopping network show selling a gold gas mask.

“We wanted to comment on the bizarre state of media and news in the current political ‘idiocracy’ we are watching play out in real time,” explains Harry. “And create our own news channel that dealt with current issues such as the environmental collapse, fossil fuels, bee population decline, global warming, sexism, patriarchy, Trump and Russia, feminism, consumerism, the marketing of war and more.”

Adds Jett, “Blondie — Debbie, Chris [Stein], Clem [Burke] and everybody have been my friends for more decades than I care to admit. They have their own style and were pioneers of the modern age of punk and rock. I am so proud to have been invited to contribute to ‘Doom or Destiny;’ I love the music and I love the message.”

You can watch the “Doom or Destiny” video, which was directed by longtime Blondie collaborator Rob Roth, on the band’s VEVO YouTube channel.

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Nicholas Hunt/WireImageAretha Franklin has come forward to address rumors that she’s seriously ill.

Rumors that Franklin was ailing began circulating after she appeared much thinner than usual at a charity performance last month in New York City. But in an exclusive interview with Closer Weekly, the 75-year-old Queen of Soul insists that she’s “doing very well.”

“I have lost a lot of weight due to the side effects from my medicine,” Aretha explains, “but all of my tests are very good!”

Franklin didn’t go into detail about the medication she is taking, saying that it’s “a matter of private medical info,” although Closer Weekly points out that gastrointestinal issues had led her to cancel some concerts in recent years.

Aretha announced earlier this year that she will retiring from touring at the end of 2017, although she does have a couple of confirmed concerts lined up in 2018. She will play a show on March 25 in Newark, New Jersey, and a June 28 performance at the Toronto Jazz Festival.

Franklin also continues to make new music, and she tells Closer Weekly that she’s “working on a duet with Elton John” that she says will be a new version of Elton’s classic tune “Your Song.”

And, with her workload lightening up in the new year, Aretha says, “I will be spending more time with my grandchildren and family.”

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Experience Hendrix/Legacy RecordingsA new Jimi Hendrix album called Both Sides of the Sky, which showcases a bevy of previously unreleased studio recordings by the late guitar icon, will hit stores on March 9, 2018.

The 13-track collection, which features songs recorded between early 1968 and early 1970, will be available on CD, digitally, and as a limited-edition two-LP 180-gram vinyl set.

Both Sides of the Sky includes many tracks featuring the Band of Gypsys lineup — Hendrix, drummer Buddy Miles and bassist Billy Cox — and one song, “Hear My Train A Comin’,” by the original Jimi Hendrix Experience with drummer Mitch Mitchell and bassist Noel Redding.

One of the most interesting highlights is a cover of Joni Mitchell‘s “Woodstock” featuring Hendrix’s friend Stephen Stills and Miles, recorded before Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young did their classic version of the tune.

The album also boasts a rendition of the Stills-penned “$20 Fine” that features Stephen on lead vocals and organ, along with Hendrix, Mitchell and pianist Duane Hitchings.

In addition, Both Sides of the Sky features the previously unavailable full version of a cover Guitar Slim‘s “Things I Used to Do” featuring Johnny Winter, as well as Cox and CSNY drummer Dallas Taylor.

“Georgia Blues” reunites Jimi with singer/sax player Lonnie Youngblood, a member of Henrdrix’s pre-Experience group Curtis Knight & the Squires.

Both Sides of the Sky is the third installment in Experience Hendrix and Legacy Recordings’ series of archival Hendrix studio releases, after 2010’s Valleys of Neptune and 2013’s People, Hell and Angels, which debuted at #4 and #2, respectively, on the Billboard 200.

Longtime Hendrix engineer Eddie Kramer co-produced the new album.

Here the full track list of Both Sides of the Sky:

“Mannish Boy”*
“Lover Man”*
“Hear My Train A Comin'”*
“Stepping Stone”*
“$20 Fine”*+
“Power of Soul”^
“Things I Used to Do”#
“Georgia Blues”++
“Sweet Angel”*
“Send My Love to Linda”*
“Cherokee Mist”*

* = previously unreleased
^ = previously unavailable extended version
+ = featuring Stephen Stills
# = featuring Johnny Winter
++ = featuring Lonnie Youngblood.

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