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10/03/2014 Munising High School, Munising, MI –

Excitement was in the air, as the Munising Mustangs hosted the Rudyard Bulldogs for an exciting football match-up! The game tonight for the Munising Mustangs was even more important than usual, because it happened to be the Munising High School Homecoming. With hundreds of fans in attendance, the air was filled with anticipation as the game was set to kick-off! The weather earlier in the day had been rainy, but it cleared-off in the afternoon, in a lucky turn of events. The trees rustled with a stiff wind, their multi-colored leaves shimmered in the dying sunlight as the teams were set to clash. The Rudyard Bulldogs kicked off to the Munising Mustangs to start the game. A holding penalty on the Munising Mustangs’ first drive almost stopped them in their tracks, but a 30-yard pass to Alex Hill resulted in the Mustangs first tochdown and good extra point, making the score the Munising Mustangs 7 and the Rudyard Bulldogs 0. Garrett Blank scored the Munising Mustangs second touchdown on a run, and, with the good extra point, the score was the Munising Mustangs 14 and the Rudyard Bulldogs 0. A blocked Rudyard Bulldog punt with four minutes left in the first quarter led the Munising Mustangs to great field position and their third touchdown of the game. However, an extremely rare missed extra point kick made the score the Munising Mustangs 20 and the Rudyard Bulldogs 0. Late in the first quarter, the Rudyard Bulldogs’ offense showed signs of improvement over their earlier drives, making multiple first downs on thier final drive of the quarter, but they were unable to put any points onto the scoreboard.


First Quarter Score:
Munising Mustangs: 20
Rudyard Bulldogs: 0

The second quarter started with the Rudyard Bulldogs in possesion of the ball, but they were unable to make any significant headway toward the goal line. The Munising Mustangs dominant offensive line helped pave the way for Garrett Blank and Corey Cotey to move the ball down the field, toward the Rudyard goal line. Garrett Blank was able to score the first Munising Mustang touchdown of the quarter on a short run after a long drive, making the score Munising 27 and Rudyard 0, after a good extra point attempt. Emotions ran high as both team fough hard to move the ball toward the goal line. A high snap, out of the endzone, on a punt attempt late in the quarter led the Munising Mustangs to score a safety, making the score Munising 29 and Rudyard 0. Alex Hill caught a long pass with one minute left in the quarter to make the score Munising Mustangs 35 and the Rudyard Bulldogs 0, after a failed two-point conversion attempt.


Second Quarter Score:
Munising Mustangs: 35
Rudyard Bulldogs: 0

The second half of the game resumed with the Munising Mustangs kicking off to the Rudyard Bulldogs. Action heated-up as the game came closer and closer to a finish, night setting in on the Munising homecoming. Frustration began to set in for the Rudyard Bulldogs, and it showed when the Bulldogs committed a personal foul early in the quarter. Garrett Blank, on another great run, scored another touchdown (his fourth of the game at that point), which made the score the Munising Mustangs 42 and the Rudyard Bulldogs 0. Brett Johnson had a great defensive play in the quarter, wrangling a Bulldog runner down for a loss of about 10 yards. Thomas Hyde scored with just under two minutes in the quarter for the Munising Mustangs, with Andy Cooper making the extra point attempt. The score at the end of the third quarter was the Munising Mustangs 49 and the Rudyard Bulldogs 0.


Third Quarter Score:
Munising Mustangs: 49
Rudyard Bulldogs: 0

The final quarter began without much action. Neither team was willing to put their aces at risk, looking to their next games, and keeping them on the bench. As the game ran late, both teams were ready to call it a night. The Munising Mustangs reserve team played most of the fourth quarter, and they did an excellent job fighting for their team. A late fumble from the Rudyard Bulldogs gave the Munising Mustangs excellent field position with under two minutes left in the game, but they were unable to add any more points to the board. Thomas Hyde had two fumble recoveries, and Andy Cooper continued his dominance as a kicker, causing multiple touchbacks throughout the game and helping the offense to multiple touchdowns.


Final Game Score:
Munising Mustangs: 49
Rudyard Bulldogs: 0

Listen – Full Game – Munising Mustangs Defeat the Rudyard Bulldogs 49-0 on Friday October 3rd, 2014 on 1400 GTO Good Time Oldies.mp3