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10/31/2014 Munising High School, Munising, MI –

The first playoff game of the year for the Munising Mustangs started on a freezing and snowy Halloween evening. The Indian River Inland Lakes Bulldogs received the kickoff from the Mustangs to start the game. The first quarter began with a bang for the Munising Mustangs, causing three fumbles and amassing 28 points in the first quarter, with four separate touchdowns. Austin Kelto threw a touchdown to Andy Cooper to wrap up the first quarter thanks to great blocking from the Munising Mustangs offensive line.

First Quarter Score:
Munising Mustangs: 28
Indian River Inland Lakes Bulldogs: 0

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Action in the second quarter started as well as it had in the first quarter for the Munising Mustangs, with Garrett Blank receiving a touchdown pass one play into the quarter, making the score 35-0 in favor of the Mustangs. The Indian River Inland Lakes Bulldogs players had trouble holding onto the ball, giving-up two more fumbles early in the quarter that were ruled as ‘down’. Garrett Blank intercepted a Bulldog pass, and scored a touchdown on the very next play making the score 41-0. Garrett Elor recovered a fifth fumble from the Bulldogs, giving the Mustangs excellent field position to score again.  The Munising Mustangs scored another touchdown on their second quarterback sneak of the half, making the score the Munising Mustangs 47 and the Indian River Inland Lakes Bulldogs 0. As the quarter ended, Garrett Elor recovered a fumble, but was unable to make to the end zone before being tackled.

Second Quarter Score:
Munising Mustangs: 47
Indian River Inland Lakes Bulldogs: 0

The Munising Mustangs play on Good Time Oldies 1400 GTO and GTO.FM with Charlie Nebel.

The Indian River Inland Lakes Bulldogs kicked off to the Munising Mustangs to start the second half, as the cold crept onto the field. A running clock was the only consolation for the Indian River Inland Lakes Bulldogs, bringing some relief to a cold and blustery night. Garrett Blank scored his fifth touchdown of the night on a great run from outside the red zone to make the score the Munising Mustangs 54 and the Indian River Inland Lakes Bulldogs 0 as the quarter wound to a close.

Third Quarter Score:
Munising Mustangs: 54
Indian River Inland Lakes Bulldogs: 0

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Action in the final quarter of the game between the Munising Mustangs VS the Indian River Inland Lakes Bulldogs got underway with both teams doing their best to avoid injuries and the Mustangs looking to next weeks playoff game. Garrett Blank had a fantastic, 6 touchdown and 150+ yard game, taking him to nearly 1,200 total rushing yards for the year. The Munising Mustangs even gave their sophomore players some vital playing experience at the end of the last quarter. Both teams and fans were happy to see the end of the game, with temperatures in the low 30s, and with the snow and wind chilling the everyone to the bone.

Final Game Score:
Munising Mustangs: 54
Indian River Inland Lakes Bulldogs: 0

Listen – Full Game – Munising Mustangs Defeat the L’anse Purple Hornets 42-6 on Friday October 24th, 2014 on 1400 GTO Good Time Oldies.mp3

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