1/29/2015 Munising, Michigan — In tonight’s edition of Stang Nation – Your Munising Mustangs faced the Carney-Nadeau Wolves on their home turf from Munising High School in Munising, Michigan. It was Parent’s Night in Munising, and fans from all over Stang Nation came to support the Munising Mustangs at home!

Mike James, the latest addition to the Great Lakes Radio staff brought you all the action from left to right on your radio dial in downtown Munising. Melissa Ackerman scored for the Mustangs and that score gets the Mustangs on the board to lead the Wolves 2-0 on AM 1400 WQXO. The Mustangs were unstoppable during Parent’s Night in downtown Munising, Michigan. The Mustangs’ Kelsea Ackerman scores and the Mustangs lead the Wolves 8-0. Melissa Ackerman puts the ball up and in to take a 16-0 lead over the Carney-Nadeau Wolves. The Mustangs dominated the first quarter of action and go into the second quarter with a lead of 18-2 over the Wolves.

Your Mustangs went into the second quarter of action during Parent’s Night at Munising High School. The Munising Mustangs lead the Wolves 25-5 with 6 minutes left in the second quarter of action. Frankie Mattson of the Mustangs’ stole the ball from the Wolves to get a shot up, but was rebounded by the Wolves. The Munising Mustangs maintained a 22 point lead over the Wolves in the second quarter 27-5 on Good Time Oldies AM 1400 WQXO. The Carney-Nadeau Wolves just couldn’t coordinate the ball throughout the second quarter. The Mustangs lead the Wolves 27-9 going into halftime on AM 1400 WQXO.

It was ALL the Mustangs in the third quarter of action! Your Munising Mustangs moved from left to right on your radio dial… Melissa Ackerman of the Stangs ended up with several shots throughout the third quarter of action. The Munising Mustangs lead the Carney-Nadeau Wolves 47-18 at the end of the third quarter of action.

Mike James said “The ball goes up for the Mustangs; it is Munising’s ball.” Number 44 for Munising, Sara Charbeneau tried to lift the ball up for the Mustangs, but was stepped out of bounds. Score is 47-20 with the Mustangs in the lead over the Wolves. The possession arrow favored the Carney-Nadeau Wolves in the fourth quarter of action. With about 3 minutes left on the score board, the Mustangs lead the Wolves 51-25. The Munising Mustangs take the win and defeat the Carney-Nadeau Wolves by a final 51-32 on Good Time Oldies AM 1400 WQXO and WQXO.com!

The Munising Mustangs defeated the Carney-Nadeau Wolves 51-32 from Munising, Michigan on Thursday, January 29th, 2015 on Good Time Oldies AM 1400 WQXO and WQXO.com!

LISTEN – FULL GAME – The Munising Mustangs defeat the Carney-Nadeau Wolves 51-32 on AM 1400 WQXO Thursday January 29th 2015.mp3

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