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02/23/2015 Munising High School, Munising, MI – The weather was markedly improved over the last time the Munising Mustangs had to play, however, it was still bitterly cold outside. Despite the cold weather, the Mustang girls came into the night with a searing-hot record of 10 wins and zero losses (in conference), and the Cooks Big Bay De Noc Black Bears entered the night’s contest with a record of two wins and nine losses (in conference). The Munising Mustangs record put them at the top of the Central Upper Peninsula Conference. The opening tip-off was won by the Munising Mustangs, who were able to quickly move the ball onto Black Bears’ side of the court, and the Mustangs also were able to score the first points of the night. The first quarter progressed quickly, with the Munising Mustangs accumulating a 9-0 lead with five minutes left in the first. The Mustangs defensive full court press, which kept the Black Bears mostly in check, was a major reason for their success. The Immel sisters and Kelsea Ackerman were pivotal players for the Mustangs, leading them to a 10-o scoring run. Heather Lalonde scored the first points for the Black Bears, who hoped to make a comeback before the quarter ended, but they were held off thanks to the Mustangs amazing defense.

First Quarter Score:
Munising Mustangs: 20
Cooks Big Bay De Noc Black Bears: 2

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The Munising Mustangs came into the second quarter hoping to continue the success of the first. The Cooks Big Bay De Noc Black Bears simply hoped to remain close to the Mustangs, but Frankie Mattson, who had multiple steals in the first half, played some amazing defense. The Mustangs continued their strong play, building an even greater lead before the end of the first half. Peyton Bonneville had some astonishing plays on defense as well, accumulating several rebounds in the first half, which aided the Mustangs in their endeavor.

Second Quarter Score:
Munising Mustangs: 31
Cooks Big Bay De Noc Black Bears: 6


Halftime gave the Cooks Big Bay De Noc Black Bears a chance to rest and refocus their efforts. The Munising Mustangs, however, looked to stay the course. Fouls were not much of a problem for either team in the first and second quarter, but as the game progressed, the play began to get a little more rough. The Mustangs only had four fouls in the third quarter, which was a major factor in their success.

Third Quarter Score:
Munising Mustangs: 47
Cooks Big Bay De Noc Black Bears: 12


The game certainly looked to be going the way of the Munising Mustangs, however, the Cooks Big Bay De Noc Black Bears came into the final quarter of play with what seemed to be a renewed sense of purpose. The Black Bears did their best to fight back, but the Mustangs defense was just too strong after three long quarters of play. Bailey Downs did an amazing job for the Munising Mustangs. She had multiple field goals, and she was able to contribute to the Mustangs defensive powerhouse. As the clock wound down, the Black Bears’ and Mustangs’ sportsmanship was commendable, and play was clean all night thanks to that.

Final Game Score:
Munising Mustangs: 52
Cooks Big Bay De Noc Black Bears: 25

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