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03/04/2015 Superior Central High School, Chatham, MI – It was another cold winter day when the Munising Mustang girls varsity basketball team was set to play the Mid Peninsula Wolverines in an exciting, second-round playoff game. The Mustangs’ record for the season was an impressive 19 wins and one loss, where as the Wolverines had a record of 10 wins and 10 losses. Munising had a bye in the first round of the playoffs, so they came into the game well-rested. The tip-off was won by the Mustangs, and Marissa Immel drove the ball down the court. With four minutes and ten seconds left in the first, the score was tied at four to four. Bailey Downs had an impressive defensive play when she was able to steal the ball from the Wolverines and give control of the ball to the Mustangs with two minutes left. The Wolverines were able to keep the score tied throughout the first quarter, so the quarter ended in a stalemate.

First Quarter Score:
Munising Mustangs: 7
Mid Peninsula Wolverines: 7

The stands were filled as your Munising Mustang boys took on the Newberry Indians on Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015 on 1400am GTO Good Time Oldies and!

The stands were filled!

The second quarter of play started with a tied score, and an anxious crowd. The Munising Mustangs seemed to be the better of the two teams. However, the Mid Peninsula Wolverines were giving them more trouble than they could handle when they scored a quick two points to move ahead of the Mustangs by a score of 9-7. The Wolverines moved ahead of the Mustangs, with a score of 11-7, but Kelsea Ackerman was able to steal the ball and score on a lay-up. This seemed to give Munising a much needed boost in confidence, as they scored a three-pointer and a jump shot on two different play in a row to move in front of the Wolverines. With just a few seconds left in the quarter and a score of 16 to 14, the Wolverines pressed the Mustangs’ defense, but they were unable to score any further points before the halftime buzzer sounded.

Second Quarter Score:
Munising Mustangs: 16
Mid Peninsula Wolverines: 14


Mustang warm-ups!

The Munising Mustangs entered the court after halftime with a renewed view of the Mid Peninsula Wolverines, who had kept the game very close through two quarters. The Wolverines had the in-bounds pass, but the Mustangs’ full-court press was too much for Mid Penn to overcome and score. Frankie Mattson, with six minutes left in the quarter, stole the ball from a Wolverines player and made a smooth lay-up for two fast points. With just over five minutes left, the Munising Mustangs went on an impressive scoring run to make the score 22-14 and put some distance between themselves and the Wolverines. Again, the Mustangs’ full-court press dominated an opponent, in the Mid Peninsula Wolverines, in deep distress. As the third quarter came to a close, the Wolverines were having a difficult time even getting the ball across the time line, unlike the first, where they were able to stay close to the Mustangs.

Third Quarter Score:
Munising Mustangs: 27
Mid Peninsula Wolverines: 19

Thanks Munising Mustang Fans!

Thanks Munising Mustang Fans!

Superior Central High School Gymnasium was filled to the brim with cheering fans supporting the Munising Mustangs and the Mid Peninsula Wolverines in second-round playoff action. The first half of play saw a close contest, however, as the game progressed further, the Mustangs were able to pull away from their opponent. Peyton Bonneville had a great defensive play when she was able to make a quick steal from the Wolverines and get the ball to the her teammate before falling to the ground. The Wolverines fought their way back and were able to give the Mustangs a good scare, but Munising kept their composure and answered point-for-point. “It seemed to be a game of scoring runs”, as Mustangs announcer Mike James surmised, with one team scoring several points in a row and the other answering right back. With just under a minute left in the game, the Munising Mustangs were in the lead with a score of 35-30, but the Wolverines looked to fight their way back into the lead. Both teams were in the double bonus, so every foul during the intense action at the end of the game led to free-throws, but the Wolverines were unable to surpass the Mustangs for the win.

Final Game Score:
Munising Mustangs: 42
Mid Peninsula Wolverines: 32

Join Mike James for all your Munising Mustangs action live on AM1400 WQXO.

Join Mike James for all your Munising Mustangs action live on AM1400 WQXO.

Listen – Full Game – Munising Mustangs defeat the Mid Peninsula Wolverines on Wednesday, March 4th, 2015 on 1400am GTO Good Time Oldies.mp3

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