Munising's Competitve Cheer Team

A big congratulations to Munising’s Competitive Cheer Coach Cathy Mutter!

She has been named the 2012 Competitive Cheer Region 7-4 Coach of the Year!

The Mustangs had an amazing year of Competition. We wish them the best of luck next season!

Pug sings Batman theme

Balloon T-Rex

Balloon T-Rex.

Munising, Michigan – Okay, perhaps the world won’t come to an end with the downgrade of America’s creditworthiness from AAA to AA+. Perhaps things will improve. Perhaps they won’t.

Never fear; the Internet comes to the rescue. While some of the content in following FREE online books (all in PDF format) have questionable, stupid and even deadly advice, especially the suggestion from 1881 book that recommends “bleeding” to treat diabetes, some of the stuff is pure gold.

Feel free to print these valuable books and place their hard copies in your favorite outhouse for deeper contemplation.

So, get your mouse ready and prepare to be educated.  You can’t go wrong spending a few hours reading the US ARMY SURVIVAL MANUAL or SURVIVAL, EVASION, AND RECOVERY MANUAL – MULTISERVICE PROCEDURES FOR SURVIVAL, EVASION, AND RECOVERY.

If nothing else you will feel better prepared for the often-promised-by-Hollywood zombie apocalypse.

So dive into some fun reading.  We all know everything published on the Internet can be trusted without question, right?

And, after you print off and memorize the following survivalist  & gardening literature, don’t forget to buy yourself a portable AM radio to listen to WQXO – AM 1400 to keep up with all of Munising and Alger County news as the world crumbles:-)




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