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Munising Mustangs beat out Newberry Indians 36-22


The Mustangs prevailed in their playoff fight agains the Indians, ascending to 2022 Regional Champs.

Munising Mustangs vs Newberry Indians

Here’s how it happened:

Pre game

Fresh from the pumpkin patches and the corn mazes of the season, Munising and Newberry meet in the munising stadium for a take all match! 

Not deterred by the cold or the rain both teams stand ready to put boot to dirt as the coin toss swings towards the Mustangs

1st Quarter

 The quarter is a battle of inches, as Munising and Newberry test their defensive lines. Cracks are hard a few between but Josiah Peramaki manages to find the first hole drawing first blood! 

The Mustangs will hold the Indians at bay, and end the quarter with the ball looking for their second score 8-0 Mustangs

2nd Quarter

Kane Nebel finds the hole, and starts the quarter with a touchdown! 

The clock ticks away as the teams wipe sweat and rain from their faces. The ball trades hands two more times before Newberry finds a hole in the Mustangs defense and puts points on the board, but can’t land the 2 point conversion.

Newberry knocks on the door trying to tie the game, but Jacob Mattson leads the charge and stops them short. Kane Nebel leaves the field to seek medical attention and doesn’t return to the field.

 The quarter ends 14-6

3rd Quarter

Kane Nebel will remain out for the rest of the season due to injury Josiah Peramaki will attempt to step into his shoes as the Mustangs gear up to put boot to ball. Newberry receives, takes it the downtown, and ties the game. 

Josiah Peramaki dodges rain, mud, and defenders and returns fire, driving the ball 76 yards, and giving Munising the lead 20-14! Joe Kelley follows up an onside kick, and finds gold as steam starts to rise from the Munising team. Josiah Peramaki ignites as the stands go wild, his feet planting into the end-zone!  28-14

Munising leaves embers on the field as the quarter comes to a close 28-14 Munising can taste the win

4th Quarter

The mud, and a rain make it hard to hold onto the ball. It slips out of Newberry hands and into the open arms of Cully Trzeciak. 

Mud flies as Josiah Peramaki continues to lift Munising onto his shoulders scoring another touchdown 

Munising will miss an onside kick as Newberry attempts to put out the flames putting points on the board once again. 

Reagan Bowerman secures victory recovering the 2nd fumble of the game. The stands erupt as the clock ticks down its last moments. The Mustangs take the victory as steam continues to rise from their backs. 

Final score 36-22.

Josiah Peramaki will take player of the game. He will add 33 yards on 6 carries in the first half, and 274 yards on 45 carries after loosing his QB in the 2nd half. 


The Mustangs will go on to host Merrill in a MI State D1 Semi-final on Saturday, November 12, 2022.